Travel for all – Equality and Diversity

  Finesse Chauffeurs have been proud to work with several individuals from across the LGBTQ+ community for a variety of travel purposes.   We appreciate that all of our clients regardless of personality and lifestyle choices, are unique and as a result are welcomed as part of our Finesse journey.   We promise to offerContinue reading “Travel for all – Equality and Diversity”

Working smart not hard

As time has progressed in our company this statement has become never so more important than now. In a time where things are so unsure, we need to do exactly this. Working smart not hard. We learnt early on that working 24/7 may bring in a little money to get you started but it doesContinue reading “Working smart not hard”

Travel – not just a journey

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes” Marcel Proust At Finesse Chauffeurs & Tours we really want you to experience, not the normal but the extraordinary. This is why we have deliberately stayed clear of the “one tour fits all” scenario. You know the tours whereContinue reading “Travel – not just a journey”