Travel – not just a journey

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes”

Marcel Proust
Waking to a dawn of new horizons

At Finesse Chauffeurs & Tours we really want you to experience, not the normal but the extraordinary.

This is why we have deliberately stayed clear of the “one tour fits all” scenario. You know the tours where you book online, with potentially several other couples, or groups. You have a long day ahead with so many stops, you don’t get the chance to see or explore what you want. Half an hour here, twenty minutes there. This is not what we offer.

You may think well I have been there before! but the question is did you really see it!

We want you to have a 5 star experience not a 1 star. Fast moving pictures out of a window as you pass by is not what you get with “Finesse”. We provide an up close and personal look around your favourite and wished for locations.

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A journey with us is your chance to sit back, relax and enjoy with the people you know and have chosen to travel with. Exploring different locations, routes not well trodden and enjoy some amazing experiences.

Our tours give you a choice of multiple events and activities that you will take away and remember for your lifetime.


Feel the sand under your feet

Let us arrange your accommodation. Quiet B&B’s, Luxury 5* Hotels and unique locations.

All of our services are fully COVID-19 safety compliant to the highest standards. Details available please ask;

Nicola Hollis

Finesse Chauffeurs

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