Meet the Team 2

Previously we introduced you to Mark Hollis – aka “The Boss” πŸ˜‰

Now it is the opportunity to meet Nicola- Tour Manager and Admin Leader.

Nicola Hollis

Nicola joined Finesse Chauffeurs, part-time in 2013. However she has been with the company, full-time since 2016.

With a professional background in Adult Nursing, she has enjoyed a history of working in a variety of settings, including Eldercare, Nurse Assessor and caring for young adults with severe learning difficulties.

Pride comes from being a Nurse

Following some personal changes, Nicola left her Nursing career behind, spending 3 years caring for her ill son.

Following his recovery, Nicola made the decision to join her husband in the family business full-time.

Nicola has utilised her skills in assessment and planning to bring a professional edge to our services, specifically the tours.

Nicola continues to build on our commitment to provide excellent services, supported by the fantastic FINESSE team.

Finesse- a team not an individual

Nicola is always open to communication with other businesses, suppliers, clients, DMO, and Agents. Contact details;

For further information on our products and services please contact us +44 1726 810804

Thank you for reading

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