Where do we go from here? Travel after lockdown

The COVID-19 crisis has shaken not only the UK but the entire World. Life has changed and the way we carry out our daily lives has been affected.

  The travel industry, once a thriving business has been particularly hard hit with even some of the biggest companies falling. So where do we go from here?

  The important thing is to build on hope and the human need to travel. This has been evident since the beginning of time. People have always travelled, for need, for joy or for work.

  The world, which once seemed a large space has now been brought closer by it’s shared experience of COVID-19. People have had to stay inside, shut themselves off from friends and families and realise how small their world has become.


  So I ask, will travel be back on the horizon soon. Yes, of course. People have an innate sense of adventure and curiosity about the world in which they live. Wanting to explore, learn and absorb other countries, religions, history and culture.

  Now of course, things are not likely to be exactly the same. Modes and times of travel may change. There will still be a nervous element to booking and taking a holiday.

  So how are Finesse Chauffeurs and Tours looking to make changes. Well we believe that more people will be working with smaller independent companies, to provide travel individuals and small groups. Rather than large package deals with limited controls on location, travel and accommodation.

  This is why we are working together with independent agencies and travel advisers, as well as utilizing our own expertise to ensure our clients are safe and secure, having the holiday they want rather than a prepared, one size fits all.

  One thing that we have learnt from this crisis is that individuals want opportunities based upon their needs. The ability to explore the natural world and absorb what is beautiful in life.

  Everyday life is hectic for the majority of people. At Finesse Chauffeurs we can take away the need to plan their vacation. Sit back and enjoy the travel experience of their dreams.


  Finesse Chauffeurs and Tours are currently taking requests for bookings for 2021. For more information please contact us; tours@finessechauffeurs.co.uk

Waiting to welcome you back

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