Local B2B working

  While things are a little quieter, we thought we would share a story of growth in business and how others help you to succeed.

  When we begun our business we were starting from basics. We knew we had the right mentality, the focus and willingness to work hard to achieve our goals.

  The problem was we didn’t have all the skills or an endless pot of money to plough into our dreams. So we had to start at the beginning.

  We managed to sort out a website,  important for getting visual. Created by us, it was basic to say the least. It worked for the interim anyway. It would be a few years down the line before we were introduced to an amazing man (Jock) who was able to put together a professional website. One that continues to get us amazing feedback and work to boot.

Jock took time to sit down and talk about our company, our goals and views moving forward. I remember the day we got to see what he had produced for us. A true visionary, who couldn’t have captured what was in our heads more clearer. Jock Turner remains an important part of our business development moving forward.

  Just like our website we needed a logo to head the site and to be a pivotal part of the future image of Finesse Chauffeurs.

  Once again we found an amazing local business headed by Sarah Medlin. Who I have to admit had the patience and understanding to make sure the finished product was 100%. What we ended up with was simple, inspirational and beautifully crafted.

  As the years moved on and Finesse Chauffeurs grew we knew we needed a local accountant who was able to help. Oh and boy did we need it! You see driving, travel, tours, weddings etc. we can do, figures and HMRC not so LOL.

  We approached several people, but no-one seemed the right fit. After all we believe in working with local people who have the right resources and skills to join our team. Now you may be thinking, they are not directly working for Finesse Chauffeurs. No but every company or individual we have ever worked, and continue to work with is very much part of the “FINESSE” Team.

  One day while on a personal journey back through Bodmin, Mark noticed an Accounting office. Xero (software) specialist. Let’s just knock and see if we can make an appointment.

  Paul Miller from Cornish Accounting Solutions was friendly, approachable and knowledgeable about his work. He is no longer just our accountant, he is a client, a business advisor and friend. Thank you Paul. Mind the step! (Just a little joke)

  Now I had known of Shane from Cornwall Channel for several years. He had stated he wanted to help us get a professional video done for our website. Just to also mention, it was Shane that introduced us to Jock. Great B2B networking.

  Many of you will know Shane but if you want to see his great work take a look at our video on the home page of our website https://www.finessechauffeurs.co.uk

  As time moved on and our business evolved into the tours@finessechauffeurs.co.uk we decided to ask for help and advice from our good friend Vikki (Gloss). She has a great background in the media and glossy magazines world. After several meetings and a lot of hard work by her and her team (including Emma), our brochures were produced.

  The brochures were produced and delivered to our door and they continue to be an important part of our business promotion. Think we may need another design in the future as we update our services even further. Watch this space…….

  Take a look at our website for an online version or email us for a hard copy.

  Last but by no means least, our most recent addition to the Finesse Chauffeurs Family is Phil Aston. I met Phil and his talented wife Sue, several years ago at various networking events.

  We had been aware for a long time that we needed help with promoting our website and our visibility online. So who else to call but Phil. His work is in the early stages, but somehow I can see us having a long term business relationship.

  Now I am aware it is not possible to include every individual who has helped us along our journey. To Barry, Belinda, Loveday, Tony, Leon, Graham, Rhys, Matt, James, Adrian and Mike. We would not be here without you all. Thanks and here’s to the future. If we have forgotten anyone, please put this down to brain melt during lockdown. We hope you are all safe and well.

  It is great for us to look back at all the talented people and businesses in Cornwall who have helped us through our ongoing journey. You never know where business will lead, but we hope to carry on for many more years to come. We will always look to local people to support us.

Thank you one and all

Mark and Nicola Hollis

Finesse Chauffeurs

https://www.finessechauffeurs.co.uk finessechauffeurs@gmail.com 01726810804

Isn’t Cornwall amazing

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