What is your “real” business?

It has come to my attention recently that some people have become so caught up in the “game” of making it big that they have forgotten or, in the least, put their true business format on the back burner. Now don’t get me wrong, having all your eggs in one basket isn’t necessarily good practice, but juggling several things at once is going to lead to trouble.

I guess the Richard Branson’s of this world would disagree. After all if Donald Trump can become US President then I guess anything can happen.

The problem is when you see the same people chasing the undeniable dream of richness beyond their wildest dreams. Not only once but again and again and again.

Even then they are not dreams of their own making, but drastic grasps to hold onto someone else’s hard work, ideas and promises.

Again I do not suggest you should not dream big, work hard and revel in your personal gain as a result. However, in your attempt to climb to the top, don’t push aside the one solid business that is likely to be your true fortune. Not just financially but from personal satisfaction of making your OWN dream come true.

In essence; you do NOT get anything for nothing. Stick to what you know. Real success comes from you, not riding on other people’s tails.

A thought for the day.

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