Electric Cars – the debate

  So the Government have announced that from 2040 all manufactured cars must be electric. This is not meant to be a political blog but a dicussion on the practicalities of heading towards 100% electric. 

 Now obviously there are many positives to an electic vehicle. Lack of emissions, quiet and cheaper (to run). So if you are thinking green then there surely is no argument. Or is there? The emissions of a diesel car alone have been very much in the news over the last few years.

 For example the negativity brought about by some vehicle manufacturers creating false readings and causing loss of faith in certain brands. Plus changing emissions regulations on MOTs.

 So why not go electric? Sounds simple yes? Well maybe not exactly….

 Imagine a new world in 2045. You jump in your electric car to go 20 miles to work, work all day then 20 miles home. In the evening you decide to visit friends get back late and fall into bed, ready for another day tomorrow. What about the car! Did you plug into to charge it. Uh! Oh! The boss will be furious when you arrive late.

 The thing is there are 12 other cars in your street and only 1 charger. Will every street have chargers? Will you have to wait for one to be free? What will the cost be?

 On a national scale, how will the national grid cope. We are told it is at capacity now in 2017. Plus we’ll need to create more electricity! Not exactly a green process is it. 

 From a practical point of view, there will need to be much improvement in the battery capacity of vehicles for longer journeys. Currently from Cornwall you would get to about Exeter. Now I know what you’re thinking, “why do I want to leave beautiful Cornwall”. But then again we do don’t we. So how are we going to do this? What about trains? coaches? planes? An electric plane. Now that would be green, but yet to be seen. 

 Basically are we to have queues on roads waiting for chargers, will breakdown (electric) trucks bring you a fully charged battery or how will it work? 

 Now you may think that we would be negative. After all how will a chauffeur company manage. A four hour drive will become maybe seven or more, with stops to boost electric. However we are honestly not worried. I seriously don’t think this has been thought through well enough. 

 Actually 2040 may seem a long way off. However it really isn’t that far off. We won’t be out buying electric quite yet. We will require much more progress in reliability (length of journey between charges) and more importantly comfort. 

 We wouldn’t deny the need to be green but the overall cost has to be more fully examined. So before you go scrapping (a very ungreen practice on mass) your car. Think! No-one will want your car because no-one will need the parts. Diesel will spill into the soil and sea polluting everything. Scrap metal will pile up. Fumes let off into the environment. 

 So in conclusion, electric cars are”green”, the policy to change ALL vehicles to electric in 2040 is not only very ungreen it is almost toxic. 

 Lets keep britain clean while aiming for “green” 
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