Trust your gut instinct

Now we all know there are times when our judgement in both our personal and business lives are put to the test. After all, we have all had those phone calls from people who are not what they seem to be. Or those asking us to log onto our computers to rectify a problem. We all want to trust others and no blame is held on those who fall foul of those wishing to cause financial and emotional distress. Also we do not want to close off to great alliances and friendships that come from trusting people.

However sometimes you get that nagging feeling that things aren’t right. My message is do some research, ask about. Basically get feedback on whether someone’s intentions are good. We have all, I’m sure, had people who win us over with a smile, stories and promises. 

Your business, just like your personal life, is precious. Built up with hard work. Don’t let someone fool you. 

Remember:  If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Of course, many companies wouldn’t have made it off the starting block without some gambles and risk taking. Just remember though,


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